Taking the "studio" on the road

Yesterday I awoke to a beautiful sunny day, and decided to take advantage of the sunshine to do some painting on location.  I packed up the car and drove to Point Lobos State Natural Reserve to paint the ocean.  I had previously hiked there and scoped out a spot I wanted to capture - Moss Cove - less than a mile from the parking area along a pretty easy trail. Point Lobos Moss Cove ocean waves rocks

Gorgeous!  One slight problem though - I'd forgotten to check the wind conditions when I checked the weather, and it was so windy the canvas kept blowing off my easel.  So I ended up climbing down to the rock outcropping (in the foreground of the picture above) where the curve of the shore provided a little shelter from the wind, and setting up my paints in front of me and the canvas on my lap.  Not ideal from an ergonomic perspective, but it worked (although I did wish I'd brought a chair or cushion).

Point lobos Moss Cove easel painting setup

The advantage to a little discomfort:  fresh sea air, warm sunshine, and some wildlife for company.

Point Lobos Moss Cove sea lions photograph

The sea lions kept me company the whole time.  Otters popped up occasionally. I had to wave off a turkey vulture to convince him I was still alive and wouldn't make a good snack.  All in all, a pretty idyllic day.

I had to call it quits before I finished (cold hands, even with gloves), but I made a great start.  Now I have to decide if I want to finish up in the studio or take my studio on the road another day...

Moss Cove - oil painting - work in progress

Here's the work in progress.