Creating space for creativity

Now that the craziness and excitement of the holidays are over, I’m taking the opportunity presented by a new year to get a fresh start. And the first thing I find myself doing is organizing: my home, my studio, my hard drive. In part, I’m inspired by the wonderful book, Discardia, and accompanying blog. In part, it’s the opportunity presented by found space: the air hockey table that once took up half of my studio space has moved outside, giving me lots of room to play with (I’m so glad I resisted my first instinct to replace it with a large workbench – there is a lot to be said for having elbow room). But mostly, it’s because I realized that clutter was intruding on my creativity. Before I could paint, I’d have to dodge the air hockey table and the pile of paintings and frames on the floor to reach my easel.


Before I could find the photo I wanted to upload to my website, I’d have to search through numerous folders before I found the right version. Before I could make a pair of earrings, I’d have to pull the boxes of beads from the closet, find a place to spread them out (usually the coffee table or dining room table), then clear the materials away so I could eat dinner.


So I’m investing the first couple weeks of the year in setting up my studio to be a one-stop shop for creativity. A small counter-height table is the perfect size for cutting glass or making jewelry. A tall multi-drawer unit now houses all my tools, beads and findings.

After two painfully tedious days of consolidating all the photos from my laptop and desktop and organizing them into folders, I can now find photos of my artwork in seconds, and know exactly what format each is (full-size, thumbnail, etc.). I also put all my inspiration photos in a single folder entitled “stuff to paint”, so I know just where to start browsing when I’m staring at that blank canvas waiting for the muse to strike.

And speaking of canvas, the studio is beckoning.