Open studios - times two!

May is quickly approaching, which means it's time for Silicon Valley Open Studios again.  I was super excited to have my artwork (Flamenco) appear on the cover of the SVOS directory!  These directories are available online and at various locations throughout the area (for a list of locations, click here).  


I'm so excited, in fact, that I'll be participating TWICE this year!  The first weekend, I'll be at a group site in Portola Valley, exhibiting my glass and jewelry in a lovely, park-like setting with 6 other artists. Stop by 290 Golden Hills Drive, Portola Valley, Saturday or Sunday, May 2-3, 11-5 each day for a variety of paintings, sculpture, mosaics, glass, and jewelry.


The second weekend (Saturday and Sunday, May 9-10, 11-5 each day), I'll be exhibiting at my studio, 1000 Loyola Drive, Los Altos. I'll be exhibiting all my work:  paintings, prints, magnets, note cards, jewelry and glass.  Here's a sample of the new works I'll have:


I hope to see you at one of my Open Studios!

Open Studios - May 10-11


Once again, I'm participating in Silicon Valley Open Studios.  My studio will be open to the public Saturday and Sunday, May 10-11, 11am to 5pm each day.  Stop by to see my new glass art, paintings, and digital art, or to pick up a piece of jewelry or art as a Mother's Day gift.


My studio is located at:

1000 Loyola Drive
Los Altos, CA  94024


Here's a sneak peak of some of the new pieces:









Exhibition at Art Ark Gallery - April 4-12

I'm excited to be participating in the Silicon Valley Open Studios Preview Exhibit at Art Ark Gallery in San Jose.  Several of my Skyscapes series are on exhibit.


Please join me at the gallery for the First Friday reception this Friday, April 4, from 6-9 pm.  The gallery is located at 1035 S. 6th St., San Jose.

The exhibit will be open Saturday and Sunday, April 5-6, from 11-4, and Saturday, April 12 from 11-2.



"skyscapes" series at collector art shop


I'm very excited that my new series, Skyscapes, will be on exhibit at Collector Art Shop starting October 2, 2012.  Collector is a great gallery in Elmwood (2950 College Avenue, at Ashby) specializing in affordable, original art.

This series of celestial paintings had a varied set of inspirations:  watching for falling stars during meteor showers, a hand-glazed sake cup we found in Kyoto, and watching far too many episodes of Star Trek as a child.  Here's the sake cup that began my journey in this direction:


Working on this series has been a very meditative process for me.  The paintings aren't intended to faithfully represent the galaxies, but instead, to remind us of the emotions we feel when looking up into the night sky.

Collector is having an artists' reception Friday, October 12, from 6-8 pm.  Join me and the other exhibiting artists!

finding my groove

A few weeks back, I participated in Silicon Valley Open Studios.  It was my third year participating, and I was amazed at how much more art (paintings, glass and jewelry) I had to exhibit than last year.  I had to put up a second tent and still couldn't display all my paintings.  It was very exciting to see what a productive year I'd had. + Add New Category

But then a fellow artist stopped by.  Looking around at my paintings (oils, acrylics, pastels, landscapes, still lifes, abstracts), glass art and jewelry, he commented:  "Well, it looks like you haven't found your groove yet."

I was floored!  What a rude thing to say!  At first I thought he was criticizing the quality of my work, but then it became clear he was talking about my focus, or lack thereof.  Turns out, he paints only one thing:  flowers in watercolor.  And that's all he wants to paint.  And he seems to think that all mature artists should similarly choose one subject matter  -- "real artists" have to specialize.  Thus, my variety of work struck him as  evidence of an immature artist who is still searching for that "one thing" that I'll do for the rest of my career.

I see things differently.  There are too many things I love to limit myself to just one.  First of all, I'd be bored out of my mind - and art would feel like work - if I had to do the same thing day in and day out.  For me, the variety keeps me fresh, engaged, and growing.  A technique in one medium can inspire me to try something new in another, such as imprinting pottery with pine needles led me to try the same technique with paint in my painting "Imprint."

Secondly, if you look at many successful artists throughout history, you'll find that many were active in different media or different subject matters. Michelangelo was a painter and sculptor; Picasso did just about everything.


So to the gentleman who stopped by during Open Studios I want to say:  I'm glad you've found your groove.  I've found mine too, and it's variety.





Collector Art Shop in Berkeley

I'm thrilled to have my art in a great gallery in Berkeley, Collector Art Shop (  The gallery focuses on "affordable original art" and their idea is to make art available to more people -- a goal which I fully support! In keeping with the theme, I placed several of my smaller recent landscapes at Collector:

as well as prints, note cards and magnets:

Next time you're in Berkeley, stop by.  Collector is located on College Avenue in Elmwood, right next to Ici ice cream.  My work will be there through May 15.


The Sketchbook Project 2012

I have a secret.  I'm an artist who never sketches.  But last fall, a project came to my attention that had the potential to change all that:  the ArtHouse Sketchbook Project 2012. ArtHouse Co-Op, to quote their website, "is an independent Brooklyn-based company that organizes global, collaborative art projects."  Their flagship project is to get thousands of artists to complete a sketchbook, which then tour the world and end up in the Brooklyn Art Library.  This sounded pretty cool to me, so I decided this might just be the project to get me from "gee, I want to sketch someday" to actually sketching.

See, there was a deadline.  And I thrive on deadlines.

Plus, we got to pick one of several themes, and the one I picked was "In ten minutes".  I figured I could get myself to sketch for ten minutes.  What I didn't anticipate was how hard it would be to limit myself to those ten minutes.

I started within my comfort zone:  a tree:

I love pastel and oil, both very forgiving media.  And I'm addicted to color.  So I decided to challenge myself to black and white, and ink.  Putting that first line in the sketchbook was hard.  But I actually liked it, and had fun figuring out how to indicate shading and shape with only black and white.

A trip to the Rodin Sculpture Garden on the Stanford campus gave me a bigger challenge:  the human form.

Emboldened by my efforts, I decided to go whole hog and sketch "The Gates of Hell":

I wasn't sure what the result would be, but I really got into the process of capturing the darks, and this turned out to be one of my favorite sketches - both because I had so much fun doing it and because I liked the result.

Here's another of my favorites, my last post, completed on 1/31, which just happened to be the deadline:

My sketchbook is now in the mail on its way to the Brooklyn Art Library.  I'm planning on stocking up on small sketchbooks and keeping one in my purse at all times.  Because you never know when you'll have 10 minutes or so to fill, and I've discovered that filling that time with sketching is very nice indeed.

"Peaceful Places" exhibition at Spice Monkey in Oakland

During the month of February, I will have a solo exhibit at Spice Monkey in Oakland.  The title of the exhibit is "Peaceful Places" and features some of my recent landscape paintings.

An opening reception will be held Friday, Feb. 3 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. Please RSVP via Pingg or Facebook if you are able to attend.

Address: Spice Monkey Restaurant 1628 Webster Street @ 17th Oakland, CA 94612